"Spiral Garden is a family-run, Tasmanian-based online retail business, specialising in environmentally-friendly toys, quality art and craft supplies, and inspiring gifts made from renewable materials. We also supply a large range of books about home education, Steiner education, unschooling, natural parenting, and gardening. We are constantly seeking and sourcing new and interesting products for our store. Our emphasis is on quality products that are made with love and care for the environment, hence our motto “play, nature’s way”.

At Spiral Garden we love to supply quality products that are made ethically, and with special care for the environment. We support products that will decompose at the end of their life, and not add to toxic landfill.

We are also mindful of the potential impacts of long travel distance impacting on the ecological footprint of our purchases and so try source as local to Tasmania as possible, unless quality equivalent products only occur further afield. We also prefer to buy directly from the maker to support stay-at-home-mums and small businesses. For us, these factors contribute to the global footprint of a product."

Hong Kong

In the epicenter of the Hong Kong hustle, the Old School Art & Stationary Studio has created a space for you to be immersed in art. They have synergistically combined two experiences that of the visual appreciation of art objects and the hands-on experience of art making.

The Old School Art & Stationary Studio has a collection of vintage art related objects and desktop stationery for selling or bartering. Most of these items have come from all over the world and from the time periods of the 50’s to the 90's. The Old School Art & Stationary Studio loves art, and they see the choice of a vintage piece as a reflection of one’s art of living.

The Old School Art & Stationary Studio hosts a number of art workshops; most popular of all is the Painting with Nature Workshop. To learn more visit their storefront, connect to them through Instagram or email them at: oldschoolans @


"Our goal at Goren is to spread our wings way beyond our beautiful valley, reaching out to educational facilities, parents and people at large with our products and contents that we believe are conducive to education, human enrichment and growth, and sustainability; products that lead to simplicity and harmony with nature and with the environment.

At its core, Goren strives to create the kind of cooperation that is the platform of dynamic community life.

We strongly believe that every finished product carries within itself everything it was and everything it is, and its story goes with it everywhere it goes, effecting its destiny and destination.

In our Goren, we know the birth story of each and every product.

Thus, and with a deep responsibility to nature and mankind, we bring quality, fair trade products, manufactured under people, animals and environment friendly conditions.

We at Goren are proud of our large team of highly motivated, highly committed people who will not compromise when it comes to quality.

We make it a point to buy from the best manufacturers in Israel and worldwide.

We search high and low for enterprises and factories who are about more than just the end-result; who – like us – believe in the reflection of the universe in man's heart and man's reflection in the universe, thus making sure that every stage of the manufacturing process takes place in mutuality with nature and the environment."

New Zealand

United States