Colors of Nature is overstocked on Hahnemuhle paper! Take advantage of this unique opportunity today.



Our line of vegan brushes are made with our high standards for animal-free and cruelty-free components. Every part of our brushes are free from animal products, including the glue that holds the brushes to the handle in the ferrule. We have faux squirrel and faux Kolinsky brushes that look and perform just like their animal counterparts, but you can rest assured that animals were not used to create the brushes you are using when you paint. Bristles are made from plastic filaments that will last a long time if your brushes are cleaned and cared for. Choose different sizes or buy them all!


Eco-conscious artists will appreciate our current selection of sketch and watercolor paper. Our Eco-Paper products are made from tree-free, sustainable plant sources and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Animal products are not used in any way to make this paper, and the unique size and quality of this paper will inspire any artist! This paper line is perfect for drawing, sketching and study sketches in watercolor. Our Hahnnemuhle line of high quality watercolor paper is ideal for artists who want to use paper that is 100% vegan.