Watercolor Gallery 1


L. Iaboni March 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper



Vegan Lovlie 2014
Colors of Nature paint
on watercolor paper


Check out Vegan Lovlie's YouTube video on creating this wonderful painting.


"Speckled Sunflower"
G.Papadakis Colors of Nature paint with ink outlines on 14" x 11" illustration board.


"Speckled Sunflower" is a fairy who's done plenty of flying around and feels good about the place she's chosen to rest!

As before, I was thrilled with the richness of the "black" I was able to mix. I started out with a detailed ink drawing, some of which I had to go over after painting. For thicker areas like around the wings I used my "black" paint mixture; you have to look closely to see any difference.

Now, Colors of Nature offers a natural black iron oxide paint and pigment.


"Over the Hill - Block Island I"
Jean Patiky 2014 Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


Jean Patiky’s work has appeared in many juried, group and solo shows and in galleries and museums including Metropolitan Museum in Coral Gables, Florida, The Miami Watercolor Society, and more. Her paintings have been sold in fine stationery stores, book stores and museums across the U.S.

Colors of Nature and Jean Patiky recently met at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society in May 2014, where Colors of Nature presented its new line of vegan and cruelty-free watercolor paints to the Watercolor Society’s members. From her Baker’s Dozen Jean has made a wonderful collection of paintings to add to her already beautiful collection.


"Over the Hill - Block Island II"
Jean Patiky 2014 Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


“Unpretentious Block Island [Rhode Island, USA] is a barefoot and bicycle kind of place, with rolling green hills, hundreds of freshwater ponds, and dramatic 250-foot bluffs that remind many of Ireland. So bewitching is it that The Nature Conservancy was inspired to call the island ‘one of the last great places in the western hemisphere.’”

— 1,000 Places to See Before You Die


Angela Westermann 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


"Spring Time in RWP"
Machala Hollis May 23, 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


Colors of Nature met Rhode Island Watercolor Society member Hollis Machala on May 23, 2014 when they presented their products to the society and discussed the advantages of using a professional quality earth-friendly watercolor paint.

Hollis Machala won Third Place in the Rhode Island Watercolor Society's juried art competition called, "Reflections".

She is a wonderful artist and we would like to thank her for her review and encourage everyone to visit her site to read the full review.

"After working with paint tubes most of my life I found it refreshing to see a jar and know I could possibly use all the paint in the container eventually.

One thing I noticed as I started to paint is that the paints may dry faster than other brands and I recommend getting a palette with a cover to keep the pigment wet, soft, and happy!

Chromium Green is needed because without it a green mix of ochre/sienna and ultramarine is very dull. But the mix is a great natural green and can be darkened with Dark Burnt Umber or the Burnt Sienna nicely.

I was sublimely happy with the vibrant cool gray mix I was able to get from the Ultramarine Blue and the Dark Burnt Umber.

I eagerly await a vibrant red and yellow pigment* addition which could potentially broaden the subject range for professional artists.

All in all I think this is a great product for beginners and a great challenge for professionals due to the limited palette. [Above] is a painting of mine done completely with the Colors of Nature paints on 140lb. Cold Press paper. I hope you enjoy the spring bloom while it lasts!"


Leigh Sanders 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


"A Gentle Life"
Leigh Sanders 2014
Mixed Media using Colors of Nature paint, Copics, Microns and Coloured Pencils on watercolor paper


Leigh Sanders, an avid artist concerned about the environment and animals rights, contacted Colors of Nature because of its vegan and cruelty-free art supplies and paints. This is her description: "My beliefs as a vegan and yearning to live in a gentle, peaceful world inspired this painting. A world where animals are not slaughtered, abused and tortured, a place where they can live in peace. A world where we take care of the amazing planet we were given, recycle, upcycle and use what we have instead of continually buying 'better, newer' stuff."

Visit Leigh's blog and see more of her wonderful artwork as she explores abstract art and other styles using Colors of Nature watercolor paints.

Leigh also enjoys using Hahnemühle paper which Colors of Nature carries in a variety of dimensions. Hahnemühle is a German company that manufactures vegan-friendly art paper.


"Meowyweather, a Fairy's Best Friend"
Rachel Foland 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


Rachel has a Facebook page that is devoted to animals and crafts. She contacted Colors of Nature because of our purpose to provide vegan and natural alternatives to conventional art supplies. She wrote a review of our paints for her readers and posted it here.


Robyn Sinclair 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


Popular Art Blogger Robyn Sinclair of Have Dogs, Will Travel has recently tested Colors of Nature's watercolor paints.

"I've just had the pleasure of reviewing an intriguing new range of watercolours.

Intriguing because they are vegan - no animal products.

The palette is quite unusual in that it's very organic ... Colours of Nature as they are labeled by the Canadian manufacturer. There are lots of Siennas and umbers. The brightest pigment is the Ultramarine and there is a good Chromium Green. This is a palette that is a natural for landscapes and probably portraits as the pigments dilute down to very soft washes. Good granulation and a beautiful range of greys is achievable. I'm missing a clear bright red. The Real Red is very much an Indian Red. This palette is certainly tailor made for Tuscan landscapes and architecture."

Read more of Robyn Sinclair's reviews on her blog Have Dogs, Will Travel.


"Patonga Trawler"
Robyn Sinclair 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


"Earth Colour Shell"
Tamara Philips 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


"I really enjoyed the lightness of the paints, the organic way in which they would disperse into water, and the ease in which they moved across the page. I also appreciated that I could still get a very dark colour for outlining my subject. On a side note: The part that I struggled with the most is simply using ultramarine as the blue. There is nothing wrong with the paints, I'm just accustom to using phthalocyanine blues along with earth tones, since once mixed with earth tones, the shades are amazing! I find that ultramarine blue creates grey shades and really washes out the work when mixed with the earth tones. Perhaps it would be a matter of redefining the way I paint. I noticed the paintings in your gallery with really high contrast between the bold ultramarine, and other colours, worked the best (ie when the ultramarine was pure and bold, and not mixed with other colours).

Phthalocyanine isn't necessarily a chemical I want to keep in my practice, as I'm not sure it's the healthiest thing to have around, so I am looking for alternatives. I have also just tried some Maya blue earth pigments which gave some of that blue-green that I love so much, but I have yet to find my favourite "from the earth" blue. So, do let me know if you have any suggestions for a "greenier" blue that doesn't go grey when mixed with the other earth colours. Cheers! and thanks for making great paints!"

- Tamara -


"Bees for Peace"
J. Muir 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper 7¼" x 9¼"


Renata Wright 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper


Renata Wright 2014
Colors of Nature paint on watercolor paper